Saturday, June 24, 2017

Brother Tony's Deliverance from Spirit Snake (Sexual Lust)

Brother Tony first deliverance was on 09-27-16 and his second on 11-22-16. After seeing a post on my Facebook page entitled “Run from Idolatry and Fornication”, he was convicted by the Holy Spirit to attend our meeting to have Holy Ghost hands laid upon him for his third deliverance. The devil fought him continuously in coming, but his will to be set free was stronger. Tony finally arrived at the meeting, but it was over. Amazing, the Holy Ghost had me and another mother-in-the-Lord and a young sister linger in the meeting room because He knew Tony was coming. PRAISE God! Watch and listen as the Holy Ghost speaks to Brother Tony and use the daughter (and mothers) in attacking spirit snake which caused Tony to sin sexually. This is an experience Tony will NEVER forget. Selah †

For meeting date and location, visit Deliverance.Center.

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