Saturday, June 17, 2017

Latisha's Deliverance from Spirit Husband

I received MANY reports from those who were set TOTALLY free in Christ Jesus' mighty name as they listened to Latisha's session. Therefore, look unto Christ Jesus as you listen and receive your deliverance in His mighty name. The Holy Spirit is present to set captives free. Selah †

Latisha surrendered her life to the LORD God at the age of 18 during a church service. The person prayed for her and demons manifested. She was only 100 pounds and it took about 4 men, including a heavy-set police officer, to hold her down. After the ordeal, she felt something was STILL in her. Over the years, she grew in the knowledge of the LORD; but something was STILL wrong with her. She could not get a TOTAL breakthrough. She attended MANY churches that held deliverance and due to watching their methods of deliverance, she was fearful about deliverance. The LORD God led her to our program. She called and scheduled a session. As the LORD ministered to her, through me, the Holy Spirit revealed the "root" cause of her problem. From the ages of 5-8 years old, she was sexually molested multiple times in which boys would fondle her in the classroom. This opened the door for sexual demons to attach in her life because her parents rejected the covering of the LORD God. Numerous times she had marriage proposals; but suddenly, the person would call it off due to strange reasons. As the LORD ministered to her, through me, I felt the spirit of fear whispering suggestions to her. I then assured her that there would not be any manifestations as she experienced in the past. I then, by faith, disconnected her from EVERY spirit that were not of the Holy Spirit and applied the Blood of Jesus over EVERY known and unknown covenant and contract to dissolve it.

I confronted the spirit husband in her life and commanded it to pack its load and leave in Jesus' name. At the end of her session as I was ministering the Word to her, I asked her to begin to say, "Thank you, Jesus." It was then I felt a long silence and heard a voice grunt, uh-uh, which means no. I immediately shifted from a loving voice to a stern voice and reminded that demon to turn loose and leave her. I felt it was trying to hold onto her and refusing to leave. I reminded it that she was purchased with Jesus' blood and Jesus owns her and it no longer has any claim to her. I commanded FIRE of the HOLY GHOST ALL OVER HER BODY. I then heard it leave and knew, by faith, it had left. Then I asked Latisha to repeat words after me in which she thank the LORD for setting her TOTALLY free in her soul (mind, will, emotions) and body. She felt a little weak after the warfare, but praising and thanking the LORD for the lightness she was feeling. She then stated that she heard a voice say that it is done. She was free. Shalom.

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