Saturday, September 16, 2017

Put "Holy" Things in Your House

Dear hearts; firstly, as the occupant of your house, get delivered in Christ Jesus’ mighty name. Then put “holy” things in your house. For instance, pictures of the Word of God on walls and an empty cross which remind devils that Christ Jesus has risen and defeated them. I recently purchased an 8-inch empty cross to use at our Holy Ghost FIRE Deliverance Meetings and was led by the Holy Spirit when there is no meeting to place the cross in my daughter and granddaughter’s room. I knew there were times when my granddaughter would cover her face and hide as though she saw something. I also knew that since her father let a psychic read tarot cards on him before her birth that an old lady spirit from time-to-time visits her. Several days ago, I placed the cross on the wall behind my office desk in their room. Today I asked my daughter how my granddaughter been sleeping. She said, “Oh! I noticed since you placed the cross on the wall, she has been sleeping all night peacefully.” PRAISE GOD!! Again, dear hearts, after your deliverance from unclean spirits within, put “holy” things in your house. Shalom and Selah †

For information on how to order an 8-inch cross, click here.

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